CPU Thermometer

CPU Thermometer 1.3

CPU Thermometer is one free CPU temperature monitor

CPU overheating is one of the most common problems faced by computer users. It can cause our system to restart frequently and thus, it can damage your OS and your hardware, leading to costly repairs and parts replacements. For this reason, it is important to keep an eye on our CPU's temperature. This little and free program helps us to do exactly that. Once activated, it runs silently in the background, showing the CPU's temperature in degrees, as well as the CPU type, frequency and usage. Once minimized, the program appears as a desktop tray icon showing the CPU's temperature. We can set the program's main interface to show more information, like a warning message when the CPU reaches a certain temperature, and to shut down or restart the system if the temperature is over a user-determined limit. Also, we can set the program to start at Windows startup. It is important to note that the program can't lower our CPU's temperature; instead, it lets us monitoring it so we can perform the relevant actions to lower such temperature.
The program is compatible with most Intel and AMD processor models, as well as with most of Windows versions, including Vista and Windows 7.

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